On-Demand, Agile Enterprise Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting

Host Analytics Planning is a fully integrated planning, budgeting, forecasting and reporting solution that boasts the most mature and advanced enterprise planning capabilities in the cloud, recognised by Gartner as on par with on-premise applications. With inbuilt checks and workflows, cycle times are improved, department heads own their numbers, and everyone gains controlled insight into the health of your enterprise.

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Reduction In Planning Cycle Times
More Plan Owners
Increase In Profitability

Smart Features. Unlimited Scenarios

The simulation engine allows you to run a bottom-up, top-down and middle-out process. Make adjustments at any organisational level and plan with an unlimited number of what-if scenarios. Deliver driver-based planning and rolling forecasting to more efficiently allocate resources without manual burden. Prebuilt security allows you to assign different access levels across the organisation. We can even deliver current exchange or labour rate data directly to your application for translations and benchmarking with our Planning Data subscription.

Advanced Pre-Built Planning Models

Expand your analysis and go live faster with our sophisticated pre-built advanced planning models. Advanced Workforce Planning streamlines the head count, salary and compensation planning process to the employee level. Advanced Initiatives Planning allows you to create model, report and compare the impact of projects on the overall financial plan. Plan for new and existing assets with our Advanced Capital Planning models, while Advanced Cash Flow and Balance Sheet Planning helps you to understand how financial and operational decisions will impact your statements. Our Advanced Revenue Planning connects sales forecasts, detailed costs, and your operational plan to get an accurate view of demand and supply.

Speed Up & Automate The Budget Cycle

A single source of truth, familiar online templates, and process management tools. View workflow status reports that track process completion and bottlenecks. Attach instructions to budgets so contributors have a consistent process to follow. See audit trails of each step performed by each individual to speed up the planning process and eliminate the risk of errors. Because managers can easily add their plans themselves, they'll take ownership of their numbers. You can even update your budgets and forecasts anytime and anywhere as Host Analytics also includes offline planning and analysis available in Excel.

Best Of Excel Without The Drawbacks

Anyone can use Host Analytics with its intuitive interface that’s easy to use and quick to learn. Keep using standard Excel formulas, the flexible grid, robust formatting, fast calculations, and convenient copy, paste, and drag capabilities. However, leave the broken links and numerous spreadsheets behind.

Use Your Existing Models

Host Analytics' unique AirliftXL capability lets you move formulas, formatting & models from Excel or legacy EPM applications to Host Analytics easily. That way you can save time by using what you've already created - now that's smart.

A Single Source Of Financial Data

Host Analytics' unified OLAP (multi-dimensional) database provides the ability to handle even the most complex and numerous reporting and planning scenarios and combinations with powerful 'slice & dice'. A single Chart Of Accounts and repository of information provides for one, accurate version of the numbers.

  • “We now have a comprehensive ability to plan and report using the same source data.”
    Gavin Johnston, GM Finance, NEC

Seeing Is Achieving

The best way to learn about Host Analytics Planning is to see it in action. Join us for a live demo or book a personalised session with our consulting team.

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