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Analytics To Manage Pipeline, People, Projects & Performance

As the market becomes more competitive for service and project based firms, and where customers account for up to 80% of revenue through existing contractural arrangements, maintaining profitable growth can be difficult to sustain.  We work with many service based firms across a range of areas such as engineering, property, construction, legal, advertising, event management, IT and more to help them consolidate data from multiple sources to keep on top of customer needs, resource utilisation, work in progress, billable hours and pipeline.

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One-Screen View Of All The Facts

Ensure cross functional visibility integrating operational, financial customer, project, CRM and other business data so you have a clear view of where to optimise for efficiency and growth.

Project Analysis

Maintaining a sense of control over all aspects of a project is essential for delivering on time and to budget. A carefully developed BI dashboard can help you see precisely what's happening at all stages of individual projects, from the day-to-day status right through to correspondence with customers and billing data. Near real-time visibility means you can track progress accurately, and keep an eye on project cash flow and profitability to ensure you're always on track.

Work In Progress Analysis

Provide detailed analysis of cash flow and Work In Progress activity to ensure you're billing regularly and delivering services effectively.

Complete View Of Customer Behaviour

Understanding clearly client management opportunities, pipeline and service consumption so that you can quickly react to changing trends, pre-empt demand and optimise operational efficiencies.

Resource Analysis

Interactive, on-demand analysis of workforce and resource planning to better match client needs, assessing labour costs across all departments and facilities and how it varies.  Better serving fluctuations in demand with staffing and skills. Construction and engineering projects obviously depend heavily on careful use of resources, with often tight budgets requiring an extra level of diligence. Our BI solutions allow service-based organisations to optimise resource utilisation, measure effectiveness of teams and observe resource costs across multiple departments, whether that be in terms of materials for a project or the personnel who are working on it.

OH&S Analysis

Have the ability to easily monitor and understand OH&S impacts.

Interactive Financial & Profitability Analysis

Tracking P&L views from the enterprise or individual cost centres, providing dashboard style profitability analysis across any area of the business including by project, customer,sales rep, region or client. Inside Info can utilise a number of advanced analytics techniques here like tail analysis that plots cumulative profit for each product so it's easy to see where the business is making or losing money. Waterfall analysis can benchmark costs in each division versus the Group to see how to improve profitability through product re-engineering, selling other products or servicing the client in a different way.

Near Real-Time Visibility Into Operations

Instead of out-of-date reports, on-demand self-serve or guided analysis of data can often replace hundreds of OLAP reports, empowering business users and freeing up IT. Qlik can provide sub-second response on very large data sets into the hundreds of millions of records without losing transactional level detail, with data refreshing as often as your underlying source systems. All our BI solutions have the ability to easily conslidate data from any and multiple data sources.

“As our implementation partner, Inside Info expertly supported us in harnessing Qlik’s potential. The Inside Info team took the time to properly understand & define our information requirements and were very skilled in translating these needs into solutions. They were reliable and responsive, working cohesively with us towards the achievement of our objectives.”

Michael Panikian. CFO. Gilbert + Tobin

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