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Analytics To Accelerate Business Impact

Using business intelligence software and data management techniques are well practiced within pharmaceutical companies all over.  The challenge however is that many are resource intensive in nature to provide reporting, with an inability to provide in one dashboard a consolidated view of performance incorporating varied third party internal data sources and delivering intuitive analysis that's also simple to use across the business.  With many pharmaceutical and medical device clients Inside Info creates a range of analytics applications that are deployed in a variety of formats - mobile, desktop, server to best suit the use case. 

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One Screen View Of All The Facts

Ensuring cross functional visibility to integrate sales, marketing, R&D, supply chain, production, practitioner and other third party data like IMS is important to have a clear view of operational performance.

Salesforce Analysis

Shift from simple salesforce automation to knowing how to target the current attitudes, requirements and behaviours of healthcare providers and consumers. Improving physician profiling and segmentation while tracking real-time sales and campaign performance.

R&D Analysis

Focus on projects that deliver the highest value and best corporate fit, accelerate clinical trial processes and regulatory approvals, simplify data exchange for complex trials.

Supply Chain Analysis

Increase collaboration with customers and partners, improve visibility into inventories at distributors and major pharmacies and reduce stock outages, surpluses and operational costs.

Interactive Financial & Profitability Analysis

Tracking P&L views from the enterprise or individual cost centres, providing dashboard style profitability analysis across any area of the business including by project, customer, sales rep, region or client. Inside Info can utilise a number of advanced analytics techniques here like tail analysis that plots cumulative profit for each product so it's easy to see where the business is making or losing money. Waterfall analysis can benchmark costs in each division versus the Group to see how to improve profitability through product re-engineering, selling other products or servicing the client in a different way.

Near Real-Time Visibility Into Operations

Instead of out-of-date reports, on-demand self-serve or guided analysis of data can often replace hundreds of OLAP reports, empowering business users and freeing up IT. Qlik can provide sub-second response on very large data sets into the hundreds of millions of records without losing transactional level detail, with data refreshing as often as your underlying source systems. All our BI solutions have the ability to easily conslidate data from any and multiple data sources.

“Qlik delivers. It's easy to use and puts the power of data in the hands of our users.”

Richard Cohen, CIO, PFD Food Services

Seeing Is Achieving

The best way to learn about how we can assist you in improving your analytics and reporting is to see our solutions in action. Contact us to book a personalised session with our consulting team.

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