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We believe that data analytics should uncover opportunity, prompt questions and help businesses lead with insight, beyond just meeting the basics.  To do this you shouldn't have to comprise when it comes to the platform and the partner you choose to work with on this journey.  Our sole focus is to help you and your team use data to perform as well as you possibly can.

Bringing ideas to the table

Having a detailed understanding of the processes and language of clients allows us to quickly understand your needs and also bring ideas to the table. So with Inside Info we’ll be able to show you standard and innovative ways to measure and analyse performance. Since starting in 2003, we’ve taken an industry approach, with strong business process experience in applying data analytics across retail, distribution, manufacturing, pharma, transport, media and services industries. Delivering a better result, faster.

Analytics is our sole focus

A bit like a kitchen or bathroom requires a specialist when doing a home renovation, the same applies for data analytics.  For over 15 years, Inside Info has focussed solely on defining, delivering and supporting business intelligence and data analytics solutions.  Clients can choose on-premise or cloud with two leading enterprse self-service and reporting platforms, Qlik & Microsoft BI.  We introduced Qlik to Australia in 2003 & have continually held the highest level of competence as an Elite Qlik partner, while our Microsoft BI experts bring a unique blend of industry and business know-how that can be leveraged to complement inhouse teams, manage adhoc report requests or take your Microsoft BI environment to the next level.

Experience Matters


Meet Stuart and Phil

Our founders Stuart & Phil created Inside Info because they wanted to bring the promise of BI & data analytics to a much broader group of people, making it simpler, more engaging, affordable and rapid to deliver.  Fifteen years later, they're still hands-on & actively involved in each client engagement, now supported by a team of dedicated consultants who share their passion for change & excellence, each possessing on average over 10 years of BI experience.  

Our Team

Proven track record

We have a track record of success & support of over 100 current clients which means we can offer strength & stability as a provider, with the flexibility & personal touch of a boutique partner. Over 600 client projects has allowed us to build industry, business function and system templates that speed up data integration, application development & delivery.

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