Harnessing the Power of Data-Driven Insights for Retail.

At the core of every thriving business lies a wealth of data - an intricate fabric woven from numbers, transactions, and insights.

In the dynamic world of retail, where consumer preferences shift rapidly and market trends are ever evolving, leveraging data-driven insights becomes the cornerstone of adaptability and success. Retailers today grapple with an avalanche of data, and the challenge lies in transforming this data into actionable strategies. This is particularly crucial in an industry where understanding customer behaviour, inventory management, supply chain efficiency, and real-time sales data can make or break the business.

For over 20 years, Inside Info has been at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge data analytics and business intelligence (BI) solutions, tailored to the unique demands and challenges of the retail industry. We’ve been privileged to witness and facilitate the remarkable transformations that retailers can achieve when they harness the power of their data. From identifying consumer patterns to optimising inventory levels and enhancing operational efficiencies, we’ve empowered retailers to pivot uncertainty to strategic clarity. 

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Unlock the Power of Retail Intelligence

Transform the way you do business by integrating Inside Info’s Accelerator solutions across all facets of your retail operations. Experience tangible improvements in business outcomes, witness a noticeable uptick in profitability, and achieve unparalleled levels of customer satisfaction.

Our solutions are not just about harnessing data; they’re about transforming it into actionable intelligence, customised for your unique retail challenges.


Head Office

Strategic Insights for Visionary Leadership

  • Sales & Inventory Reporting: Leverage comprehensive reports that illuminate sales trends and inventory levels, allowing for precise strategy formulation and stock management.
  • Store Profitability: Analyse store-wide profitability reports, understand performance nuances, and optimise based on actionable data insights.
  • Predict Sales Outcomes: Move from reporting historical daily sales to forecasting future trends with Qlik’s AutoML. Predict sales outcomes based on critical performance drivers such as inventory availability, inventory freshness, promotions, sales momentum, seasonality, local events etc.
  • Executive Reporting: Empower leadership with consolidated, easy-to-comprehend executive reports for strategic decision-making that aligns with corporate goals.


Right Products, Right Place, Right Time

  • Inventory Planning & Product Allocation: Master the art of inventory distribution with sophisticatedmdata-backed decision making, ensuring optimal product availability across stores.
  • Open to Buy: Maintain financial agility with data guided purchasing decisions, keeping your inventory fresh and capital expenditure in check.
  • Product Sell-through: Track product lifecycles, identifying fast movers and adjusting pricing/promotions for stock balancing. 
  • Basket Analysis: Identify products that drive foot traffic. Monitor what products sell together to assist with promotional plans and store layouts.

Store Operations

Enhancing Efficiency

  • Real-time Sales Reporting: Stay ahead with live sales data, helping managers respond to trends, customer preferences, and inventory demands instantaneously.
  • Store Performance & Benchmarking: Measure KPIs against past performances and peer groups, setting realistic targets while fostering a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Store Productivity: Optimise staff, resources, and floor plans based on store traffic and peak hour analysis, directly boosting operational productivity.


Robust Financial Health for Retail Prosperity

  • Financial Reporting: Simplify complex financial data, providing clear insights into revenue streams, operational costs, and profitability channels.
  • Loss Prevention: Detect, analyse, and prevent potential areas of loss - be it through pilferage, fraud, or operational discrepancies.


Enhancing Online Sales

  • Order to Sales Analysis: Dissect every step of the online shopping journey, understanding drop-offs and final sales triggers for a smoother customer journey.
  • Delivery Performance: Analyse fulfillment efficiency, identify bottlenecks, and enhance logistic partnerships for prompt and reliable deliveries.


Making Every Interaction Count

  • Digital Reporting: Gauge the success of digital campaigns with real-time analytics, tweaking strategies for maximum engagement and ROI.
  • Promotions: Elevate your promotional strategy by examining the intricacies of campaign performance. Assess customer response and dissect the nuances of sales conversions. Measure the true ROI of your campaigns by tracking product uplifts and incremental margin gains. Gauge the profitability of each promotion, not just by the volume of sales.
  • Customer Dashboard: Unlock a 360-degree view of your customer base. Delve into the dynamics of your membership - from purchase patterns to engagement levels. Discover not just when they last interacted with your brand, but how they interact.

People & Culture

Nurturing Your Team

  • Workforce Profile & Training Development: Craft role-specific training programs using employee performance data, diversity, fortifying staff skills, and career progression. 
  • Employee Cost/Payroll: Optimise workforce costs with labour analytics, aligning staff strength with store demand, and managing payroll efficiently.

Workplace Health & Safety

Safeguarding People, Protecting Business

  • Safety: Prioritise employee well-being by analysing incident patterns and feedback, enhancing workplace conditions and protocols.
  • Risk Management: Implement preventive strategies by analysing past incidents and foreseeing potential risks.
  • Incident Management: Streamline protocols for rapid response to, and investigation of, any untoward incidents, minimising disruption and safeguarding employee well-being.

Our holistic retail data solutions offer you the unparalleled advantage of precision, efficiency, and strategic foresight. Transform your retail operations from reactive to proactive, driving growth, and customer satisfaction.

“QlikView hits the sweet spot so effectively with the power of in-memory analysis. It only took 4 months for Inside Info to design, develop & go live with a comprehensive reporting system!”

Darren O'Connor, CIO, The Reject Shop 

Seeing Is Achieving

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