Experience By Function

We believe that developing strong domain and business process understanding leads to a better result when designing and deliering BI solutions. We have a number of best practice BI applications based on our years' of experience working in applying analytics across specific business functions.  Some of these are highlighted below.



Does your analytics platform support your needs to quickly and accurately plan and analyse performance across the business?  Inside Info has a strong, proven track record of success working with the office of Finance to improve business transparency through better analytics and reporting.  And because our consultants also have a background in enterprise performance management, we also understand how this needs to integrate with planning, forecasting, financial consoildation and reporting needs.  Inside Info has developed the Inside Finance Dashboard which is a proven, best-practice business application that delivers an interactive and consolidated view of performance for finance teams. Used by firms like Orora, St Vincent's & Mater Health and many more. We're skilled at providing an integrated view of performance across all operational and financial systems. Analysis that is highly visual, affordable, fast to deploy, simple to use and easy to change using the Qlik BI platform.  In particular:

  • Uniting real-time data to drive short term decision making with historial data & predictive analytics to drive long term planning & forecasting
  • Actual vs budget vs forecast comparisons by any variable is simple
  • Finance users can freely explore performance against financial metrics without manually manipulating data
  • Multidimensional analysis of revenue & profitability at any level of granularity, even at an invoice line level
  • Optimise budget allocations & forecasting with a consolidated view of information
  • Cash flow and balance sheet analysis to better manage cash flow, AR & AP
  • Expense & procurement analysis - understand cost reduction opportunities & trends
  • Scenario based analysis with unlimited slicing & dicing of live data
  • Streamline compliance, finance & risk management reporting
  • Provide an analytics platform that increases Finance team control without requiring IT expertise


Achieving visibility and effectively managing information across the supply chain is generally overcomplicated or costly. Inside Info has a wealth of experience in helping business very easily understand supply chain performance, service levels, productivity, inventory and costs to optimise performance. Our best practice Inside Supply Chain Dashboard significantly fast tracks BI projects and increases user adoption by leveraging the learnings of others, with customers typically up & running in 30 days. We're adept at integrating data across multiple systems to provide a consolidated view of operations. Our supply chain solutions are used by businesses like Orora, Manassen Foods and Fujitsu General with extraordinary results. Areas often analysed include:

  • 360 degree view of customer behaviour to understand customer & buying patterns & how this drives cost, efficiency & resource utilisation
  • Interacive inventory analysis to understand inventory KPI's like turns, ageing & failure rates with drill-down to items in specific locations
  • Proactive demand planning, understanding materials, forecasting & stock valuation
  • Procurement analysis to analyse vendor performance, DIFOT, demand & purchasing power
  • Warehouse efficiency by analysing picking & packing rates & tying back to customer service activities
  • Near real-time visibility into operations instead of out-of-date reports


A sales rep being better prepared and informed on what is going on with the client can be the make or break in winning a deal and extending a relationship. We're skilled at providing a range of Sales Analytics solutions whether for sales reps or management to better analyse sales performance in a simple and intutive way.  We're skilled at bringing together data from multiple sources whether financial, CRM or other operational systems to provide a consolidated view of performance. Here are some ways we can help:

  • Quickly be able to analyse real-time actual vs budget vs forecast sales performance by sales rep, channel, category, region and any other element you like
  • One click from summarised data to transactional level detail even on very large data sets
  • All our dashboards are visually engaging which drives adoption. All people, in particular salespeople, like something that looks fresh and new. 
  • Incorporate location intelligence & powerful mapping with GeoAnalytics
  • Our solutions are sophisticated in analysis but simple enough for the average salesperson to pick up with half an hour of training
  • All performance information in the one place from multiple sources (e.g. sales, CRM, market share, competitor data), creating a single view of the customer
  • Analytics that can be deployed on any device (server/mobile etc) with the same great experience


We’ve seen an increased demand among our clients looking for a better understanding of employee trends, labour productivity, benefits and recruitment data across their organisations.  We’ve been working with companies to provide this type of information in the form of improved HR Analytics.  In particular bringing together data from payroll & other systems to understand attrition rates, retention, employee trends & demographic profiles, compensation by value band & how this varies across departments & other areas. We can provide these solutions in the cloud or on-premise which can get you up and running in a few weeks. HR teams gain insight into:

Workforce Management

  • Optimise employee management & succession planning
  • Analyse staffing resources & onboarding
  • Assess training & education offerings
  • Monitor productivity trends, staffing ratios & improve workplace relations

Total Rewards

  • Control staffing efficiency, benefit offerings & labour costs
  • Analyse compensation vs performance
  • Enable benefit & payroll forecasting
  • Get a holistic view of total rewards from disparate sources

Enhance Recruitment

  • Improve organisational forecasting
  • Understand sources of recruitment better & what works
  • Use smart analytics to find better quality candidates
  • Analyse employee behaviour to reduce staff turnover

“When I first saw what Inside Info could do with Qlik and our data, I was immediately impressed. Qlik provides our brand, sales, management and operational teams with complete transparency. We have interactive visibility into sales, profitability, logistics and supply chain performance, to help our brands become number one in their field. Our initial applications were delivered in just four weeks with excellent results.”

Wayne McIntosh, Finance Director, Manassen Foods

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