Evolve your analytics approach to increase opportunity

By Phil Langdale on Dec 15, 2022

With greater demands being placed on business to modernise and utilise data to make rapid decisions, how do you ensure you evolve to retain your competitive advantage?

We understand QlikView continues to deliver value for your business – however imagine the possibilities if you expand your BI solutions beyond traditional use cases and evolve to the next-generation analytics solution. Built to support a full range of users and use cases across the life cycle from data to insight, including self-service analytics, interactive dashboards, conversational analytics, custom and embedded analytics and advanced mobile analytics, all with governance.

Here are Qlik’s top 3 reasons to modernise your analytics:

1.         Expand your organisation’s analytics possibilities

There are numerous new capabilities offered by modern analytics that aren’t available in solutions from previous generations or from other BI vendors. Qlik Sense offers these capabilities, among others, governed self-service analytics, AI and augmented analytics, modern visualisations, simple authoring experience, visual data prep, collaborative data storytelling, full-featured mobile apps, open platform with APIs and a robust developer community.

2.        Gain a competitive advantage while lowering total cost of ownership

Qlik Cloud allows you to focus on generating insights, as opposed to investing in infrastructure, management, and maintenance of your analytics platform. Organisations can take advantage of reductions in infrastructure and resource costs, and overall time to value. You can easily co-develop applications, share insights and grant groups of users access to create, edit or interact with content.

3.        Continue using QlikView as you modernise analytics

To make the transition simple, organisations can continue to utilise QlikView apps as they transition to Qlik Sense. For ease of adoption, there are a number of similarities between QlikView and Qlik Sense, and as they are powered by the same engine, no data is left behind, and the platform supports nearly limitless combinations of data sources.

Qlik Sense® : analytics for the modern world.

Qlik Sense supports the entire analytics life cycle, from data preparation to visualisation to exploration and collaboration, with Augmented Analytics to accelerate time to insight and offer fresh perspectives. You can support self-service visualisation environments, deploy centrally built analytics applications, create custom analytics apps, enable mobile workforces and take advantage of natural-language conversational analytics.

Qlik’s scalable architecture gives you the choice to deploy Qlik Sense across any combination of on-premises and cloud platforms. And with open APIs, web developers can build custom applications and embed analytics without a specialised skillset.

We invite you to evolve with us in this new era, speak to us to find out how you can maximise next-generation analytics, and uncover new insights to gain competitive advantage.


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Phil Langdale

Phil Langdale is Inside Info's co-founder, Director and Qlik Managing Consultant. Having introduced Qlik to Australia in 2003, Phil has extensive experience in applying Qlik and data discovery analytics strategically, with industry awards to his credit. Phil is a Chartered Management Accountant (ACMA) and certified Qlik Consultant with over twenty years’ experience working within finance, BI and supply chain management roles in the UK, USA and Australia.

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