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Visualise your data with self-service, interactive dashboards.

While finance users love tables and reports, some line of business managers and leaders find it challenging to understand their company’s business results and trends with just periodic financial reporting. Host Analytics offers powerful visualisation and interactive dashboards for both financial and non-financial data. This helps line of business leaders keep an eye on top-level metrics that drive their business, so they can easily spot trends, identify performance gaps, and solve business problems quickly. Best of all, Host dashboards are easy to build and reduce the burden on finance to produce ad hoc reports.


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Put the "A" Back in FP&A With Interactive Self-Serve Analytics

Host Dashboards are truly self-service. Finance users as well as line of business managers can easily create, customise, and share financial and non-financial dashboards using a simple, intuitive, drag-and-drop interface. There is no need for any coding or training.  Drill through powerful visualisations to easily spot trends in margins, product sales, and operating expenses. Executives and line of business managers can easily access the information they need to make better business decisions.

Connect Finance & Operational Data

Managers have access to personalised reports that give them exactly what they need to plan a more profitable future and see a more complex view of the business. Analysis is made easier with consistent, accurate and trusted financial data. Finance users will have the capability to analyse and present in 'real-time' financial calculations such as: currency conversion, intercompany eliminations, financial metrics, planning and KPI's.

Access Anywhere, On Any Device

Compatibility from any device, including mobile, being HTML5 compliant. Keep the state of the business at your fingertips with mobile-accessible reports and dashboards.

Seeing Is Achieving

The best way to learn about Host Analytics Dashboards is to see it in action. Join us for a live demo or book a personalised session with our consulting team.

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