QlikView BI Alongside SAP The Right Package For Opal

Opal Limited is an ASX listed company formed in 2013 after Amcor, one of the world’s largest packaging companies, demerged their Australasian and North American packaging solutions businesses. Opal operates across 7 countries and is a $3 billion turnover business with 39 manufacturing plants and 83 distribution centres.

Over seven years ago Inside Info began working with what was then Amcor Australasia, to deliver a robust business intelligence platform based on QlikView that would help deliver sales and marketing excellence as part of a global strategic initiative.  Post the demerger, Inside Info continues to support Opal's QlikView business analytics platform that draws data from SAP BW, Salesforce CRM, Kiwiplan, QAD and Payroll systems to deliver timely insight on-demand to over 500 people spanning all aspects of the organisation.  QlikView generates a view of plant, customer and product level profitability, sales and spend activity, production and understanding of supply chain commitments.

Improved Time To Decision
Customer Satisfaction
Supply Chain Efficiencies
  • “Inside Info has supported us since the beginning of our journey with QlikView. Their services and advice are always exceptional, while demonstrating a continued investment in the relationship even after many years.”
    Sandy Antonuccio, EX GM IT Applications ANZ, Opal
  • “Qlik is a key part of Opal's business systems landscape. We've improved time from information to decision by approximately 20% across the business. We now have the ability to more quickly analyse what's happening across any aspect of the business and take action. Truly a strategic asset as we continue to grow.”
    Sandy Antonuccio, GM IT Applications ANZ, Opal