Fujitsu General

Fujitsu General Finds QlikView Refreshing

Leading air conditioning provider Fujitsu General wanted to improve through-the-line management of sales, marketing and stock activities. Whilst at a transactional level financial metrics had always been sound, line level profitability, cost and stock allocation were limited. Fujitsu however lacked the reporting structure to support decision making. Reporting was very manual and paper-based, that was usually a month behind and consumed over 6 hours a month for IT staff to produce.

Inside Info deployed QlikView to over 50 users across Australia and New Zealand initially, now with more than 100 users, as its strategic business intelligence tool. QlikView provides detailed self-serve visibility into customer contribution detailing sales, product, supply chain, promotional and debtor impacts. QlikView was custom-built and integrated into Fujitsu General’s Epicor ERP system, completed and delivering value within 3 weeks.

Improved Rebate Return
Lift In Inventory Management
Improvement in IT productivity
  • “Inside Info with Qlik opened our eyes. We realised that some customers had an uneven share of rebates paid compared to what they were in fact delivering to the bottom line. As a result, we changed our commission structures so they now better allocate rebates and sales resources based on actual return to the business instead of volume. ”
    Nicholas Vasic, Ex Financial Controller, Fujitsu General