Beautiful Reports, Beautifully Simple

Reporting financial results or answering questions quickly can be problematic when data is buried in Excel or spread across multiple systems. Host Analytics Reporting provides a point-and-click report writer with an automated report publisher. Generate ad hoc, management and financial reports with ease. Drill into the details quickly behind the numbers as Reporting Cloud sits on top of a single data source, while also producing professional-grade formatting with powerful ad hoc analysis.

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Adhoc & Financial Reports

Host Analytics' Dynamic Report Writer allows quick generation of both ad hoc and financial reports that can be saved as standard, recurring reports. These reports can output to various formats including Excel, PDF and emailed directly to other Host Analytics users. The report writer includes a point and click interface for ease of report creation that sits on top of a single database. So anything you update in your planning or other modules automatically flows through to the reports. No manual mapping of changes back to other areas of the application, databases or exporting to excel for reports that other solutions suggest.

Management & Board Packs

Host Analytics Financial Package Publisher automates report pack generation supporting both Word and Powerpoint output formats. The Control Panel links a range of source documents and Host Analytics data, while automatically combining financial results, data, graphs and narrative. Similarly with the Dynamic Report Writer the Financial Package Publisher includes a point and click interface for ease of report creation that sits on top of a single database.

Fast & Flexible Reporting

Get your financial reporting the way you and your stakeholders want it. Whether it’s online or in an Excel workbook. You also have the ability to work on your financial statements in Excel or the cloud. If you prefer working in Excel, don’t worry, as you make changes to your statement the financial data is pulled directly and automatically from Host Analytics so statements are up to date. Reports can also be accessed via a mobile device, supporting HTML5 web interfaces. Any device that runs Internet Explorer or via a Citrix Receiver (iPad, Android Tablet etc.) can view reports.

Improve Reporting Transparency

Reduce compliance cost by improving the transparency of your reporting process and source data. Automated controls highlight potential reporting risks and increase confidence in the numbers. Reporting Cloud includes a full audit trail while strong internal access controls ensure users can access designated areas.

  • “We have complete transparency across the entire process, now integrating our three year long range planning cycle with our annual budget process and reporting requirements, in an environment that is simple for the finance team to maintain. That means we can respond quicker to changes in the business as we continue to grow.”
    Doug MacColl, CFO, Reed Exhibitions

Seeing Is Achieving

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