Multidimensional Financial and Operational Modelling

Much of the financial modelling today within many businesses is done outside of finance, usually within individual business departments using spreadsheets. This causes a disconnect with the overall financial plan and lacks the scalability, security and dimensionality required to be effective. Host Analytics' Modelling is the first advanced modelling engine of its kind that anyone can use that tightly integrates with a complete cloud-based enterprise performance management suite. This new BPM Analyst Report on Cloud Based Modelling With Host Analytics, discusses how enterprises can benefit from collaborative modelling, using consistent data and planning assumptions.

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Interactive Query & Analysis

Perform multidimensional modelling activities with speed of thought response time. Select a model and an associated view, change and pivot the view, zoom in/zoom out and write data back to the model.

Advanced Modelling

Incorporate financial and non-financial drivers into personal user models and perform granular 'what-if' scenarios adding dimensions, members and calculations on the fly, copying models, and loading data. Users can run multiple iterations with different drivers without affecting corporate models as each has their own personal sandbox environment. When ready, they can share the model and incorporate into the corporate plan.

Excel-Based Reporting

During interactive analysis or model creating, create formatted analyses with charting capabilities for collaboration across the organisation. Create analysis in a familiar Excel user interface, collaborating with others securely and then share it via the Web or Mobile interfaces with a 'write once, read anywhere' experience.

  • “Our challenge was finding an out-of-the-box solution to manage our complex budgeting and forecasting lifecycle as a large organisation. Host Analytics as a leading SaaS solution, provided us a stable environment to deploy a complex set of requirements with minimal overhead….Inside Info came with a depth of intellect and experience that has added real value to the outcome which has been a key factor to ensure our implementation success.”
    Doug MacColl, CFO, Reed Exhibitions
  • “Working with Inside Info and using Host Analytics Cloud EPM Suite, St Vincent’s Health has standardised budgeting to support our new divisional structure. Delivered in the cloud, Host Analytics has provided cost-efficiency and improved productivity while addressing the complex needs of a large number of entities and cost centres across the health system.”
    Paul Kirchner, Financial Controller – Private Hospitals Division, St Vincent’s Health
  • “We chose Host Analytics mainly because of the cost factor related to the software being in the cloud. The functionality solved all of our problems on consolidation, reporting and planning. And being in the cloud, future development was ours to own straight away.”
    Simon Miks, GM Finance, Beak & Johnston
  • “Host Analytics has given me a lot more confidence that the individual budgets for the hospitals are done with a great amount of rigour and detail. And there are no corners that have been cut that we will discover next year.”
    Paul Kirchner, Financial Controller, St Vincent's Health Australia

Seeing Is Achieving

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