Improving sales & profitability through transparency of information

Avnet Technology Solutions is an operating group of Avnet, Inc. (NYSE:AVT) representing approximately US$6 billion in annual revenue, with locations in more than 30 countries. Avnet Technology is a technology sales and marketing organisation, providing business IT solutions, with over 700 business partners in Australia.

The challenge was to improve sales profitability through transparency of information. IT were overwhelmed with 20 sales report requests each week that were manually prepared and provided no interaction with the data. Avnet couldn’t easily aggregate transactional data from their Pronto ERP to understand line level profitability and stock usage. Needing greater insight into customer, sales, channel, inventory, supplier and delivery performance.

After a market review, Avnet chose Inside Info with QlikView to deliver a consolidated dashboard to understand profitability, sales, inventory, supply chain and channel performance. QlikView ensures key revenue & gross margin targets are achieved for individual suppliers, their products and by sales and brand teams. While management use QlikView to keep on top of the numbers, for business forecasting & future strategy setting.

Increase in IT staff productivity
Less Data Errors
Short Term Forecasting
  • “Within days Qlik became an indispensable tool to run the business…. Weekly management and sales meetings are now discussed with a complete data enhanced view of the business. Qlik delivers a greater focus on customer buying patterns, preferences and inventory analysis. We received value from our investment immediately, improving IT staff productivity by up to 20% and now also improving stock holding days through better inventory management.”
    Haydn Jones, IT Operations Manager, Avnet