St Vincent's Health Australia

Video Case Study: Enterprise Planning, Close & Financial Reporting With Host Analytics

St Vincent's Health Australia (SVHA) is the nation's largest Catholic not-for-profit health public and private hospital and aged care provider with a turnover in excess of $1.7 billion, caring for over 1 million patients each year. As part of a strategic decision, SVHA aimed to drive better visibility, accuracy and accountability of financials across the Group and simplify what was an extremely complicated and manual enterprise planning, consolidation and financial reporting process.  

After a national selection process, SVHA chose Inside Info with Host Analytics to replace their current system and reliance on Excel to deliver an integrated enterprise performance management platform across the Group for planning, budgeting, forecasting, close management and financial reporting.  In this short video Paul Kirchner, Financial Controller of the Private Hospital’s division at SVHA, shares how they are using Host Analytics to improve granularity in planning delivering detailed budgets at a doctor activity level.

Accuracy & Rigor in Budgeting
Reliance on IT or Internal Infrastructure
One Standardised Approach

Watch Video    Whitepaper: CPM In Healthcare

  • “Host Analytics has given me a lot more confidence that the individual budgets for the hospitals are done with a great amount of rigour and detail. And there are no corners that have been cut that we will discover next year.”
    Paul Kirchner, Financial Controller, St Vincent's Health Australia